Our College accesses many programs and resources available to help us meet the needs of all students, including students with disabilities. The Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) is one such program.

The PSD aims to maximise student potential growth in education and learning, and ensure that students with disabilities are valued and participate in all aspects of school life. There are three specific objectives which together achieve this goal.

Student learning – Student potential for growth and development in (academic) discipline-based, personal and interpersonal learning, and independence in learning is maximised and is consistent with their goals and aspirations.

Student engagement and wellbeing – Students are motivated and are able to participate fully in their education and wider school life.

Student pathways and transitions – Students successfully transition to, throughout and from school, and the pathways selected maximise their potential for growth and development while they attend school and after they leave school.

Through the Program for Students with Disabilities, educational needs are closely monitored and reviewed, and meaningful goals are set and met.

Funding is used in different ways, depending on the needs of each child.

This can include:

  • specialist staff, such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech pathologists
  • specialist equipment like assistive technology
  • training for teachers so they know more about your child’s disability or additional needs
  • specialist teachers
  • education support staff such as teacher aides.

PSD Funding can be applied for through consultation with Kindergarten, Childrens Services or the Campus

For more information about the PSD eligibility criteria speak to your campus Principal team.