School Based Apprenticeship + Traineeships – SBAT’s. Northern Bay College encourages students to find success on whatever pathway best suits their individual strengths and interests. One of the best ways to do that is to gain employment experience and industry training, and one of the best ways to do that is by undertaking a School Based Apprenticeship / Traineeship – SBAT.

How does it operate at NBC?

SBAT’s are a combination of training and work experience that is completed outside of normal Northern Bay College classes. Most students who undertake an SBAT are given an allowance in their timetable to be able to attend.

There are three important elements of an SBAT

  • School Based Apprenticeship – partial completion of 1st year apprenticeship training
  • School Based Traineeship – completing a full Cert II or Cert III VET qualification
  • The employment is a real, paid, working position. Students become part of the workforce for that company and are therefore expected to behave, act and participate in the same manner as any other employee

SBAT’s - General Information

  • SBAT programs run for a full year, and students are expected to participate for the entire time
  • Students complete the training component on Wednesday afternoons at either an RTO – Registered Training Organisation, a GTO – Group Training Organisation or a TAFE campus.
  • Every student will be interviewed by the RTO, GTO or TAFE to ensure their suitability for the program
  • Student earn award wages in accordance to that particular industry
  • Successfully completing an SBAT placement may contribute credits to Unit 1+2 VCE requirements
  • Students employed within a ‘tradie’ field will be signed up with an Apprenticeship Support Agency who will manage their placement and paperwork
  • There may be costs involved . . .ie) Uniform, RTO delivery costs etc.

* The RTO, GTO or TAFE will disclose all fees and charges prior to students starting their SBAT

* Any payments are made directly to the training provider

    Student Requirements for an SBAT placement

    • Must be 15 years old to participate
    • Every students must attend their training and work placements when required
    • Must be aware that some evening, weekend or holiday work may be required as part of the program
    • Not every student is guaranteed a position
    • Must contribute a minimum of 13 hours per week
    1. 7-8 hours per week at work
    2. 4- 5 hours per week in training / theory

    SBAT Programs

    There is a large variety of programs on offer, with most filling very quickly, so students are encouraged to make their choices early. Alternatively, students are very welcome to find their own employer and Northern Bay College will assist everyone involved to set up personalised SBAT program

    What To Do Next

    Interested students and/or parents are invited to contact Joanne Parcell – Careers Manager and Practitioner at Northern Bay College for more information.


    Phone 03 5224 9700

    Useful links :

    Application Form

    if you are wanting to do an SBAT in any of the programs listed above

    Expression of Interest

    if you wish to do an SBAT in an alternate field /industry

    Employer Expression of Interest

    If you have an employer that is interested in joining the program

    Northern Bay College is a proud member of these two committees who support local business and industry to bring enrichment and experience from workplaces into the lives of young people through School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship opportunities