Curriculum content

Our Prep-2 curriculum builds strong foundational skills for students as they embark on the first years of formal schooling. The emphasis is English , LLI Program, Mathematics, Personal and Social Learning, and all other curriculum areas including LOTE - Indonesian.

English in the P-2 is strongly connected across the strands of reading and viewing, writing and speaking and listening. Our curriculum is linked to formal and informal assessment that ensures teaching is at the point of need of each individual student. As part of this assessment, foundation students participate in English Online testing and all F-2 students take part in reading assessments to determine their level of reading and comprehension skills. Teachers explicitly model and guide students to develop literacy skills that they can apply independently or in small groups. Rich literature and vocabulary building are key elements of our college literacy programming.

LLI Program Each P-2 campus provides additional support to Year 1 and 2 students in the area of reading through our Levelled Literacy Intervention (LLI) program. Trained staff run small intervention reading groups, using a researched based program, that develops students decoding and comprehension skills.

Mathematics Students are immersed in a hands-on and enriching mathematics program that is developed by linking the Victorian Curriculum strands of number and algebra, measurement and geometry and statistics and probability to ongoing student assessment. Students participate in mathematical experiences that challenge thinking and understandings. Our daily program begins with mathematical warmups, followed by concepts that are explicitly modelled by teachers. Students then engage in exploration activities in small groups or independently. Staff support students to expand on previous learning, to make links to current learning as well as relevant life connections.

Personal and Social Learning Northern Bay College is a School Wide Positive Behaviour School and our CORE values of Collaboration, Outcomes, Respect and Equity underpin this program and all learning across the college. We place a strong emphasis in developing the ‘whole child’ by developing their awareness of themselves and others as people and learners. Self-regulation skills and understanding is taught and supported by staff who have been trained in the Berry Street Education model. Staff work with students to create focus plans, an awareness of their body and emotions so they are ready to learn, mindfulness and character traits.

Other Areas of the Curriculum: Movement skills, and social and emotional skills through physical play, and the development of knowledge and skills to help keep students safe, healthy and active are provided for in the Health and Physical Education curriculum. Exploring personal and familiar experience provides an opportunity to think about about people, places and how their world works, as they develop skills in inquiry and investigation in Science, and Humanities and Social Sciences. Students use their senses to appreciate their world by exploring, thinking and creating in the Arts and Technologies curricula, and through the opportunity to learn a language using the Languages curricula.

At Northern Bay College this language is Indonesian.

A major focus for our learning and teaching is through Developmental Curriculum. (Link to Page)

In P-2 we learn with specialist staff in for 2 hours a week.