Transition to School

At Northern Bay P-12 College, we have strong transitional programming at all our key transition points to ensure a smooth and successful transition for our students as they move from one form of education to the next.

Our Early Years transition team consists of Foundation staff members from all four P-8 campuses and is structured to have consistent transition plan for all students moving into Foundation. Strong links to our local kindergartens in the area and frequent visits to and from the kindergartens, ensures our students and staff are prepared for our new students and their families. Information sessions, school tours, informal and formal transition days are held throughout the school year to inform our parents and carers about being school ready and to immerse our students into life at Northern Bay College.

At the beginning of Term Four, families with children enrolled to start Foundation in 2021 will receive information about beginning school. This will include the dates and times of the structured orientation program which provides opportunities for children and, of course, their families to become comfortable and familiar with the school environment.

This very special program has children participating in classroom programs and activities while parents/carers have time to interact with other families and various staff members who will be involved in their child’s education.
Information sessions are an important part for families in the transitioning to school process and we encourage all of our parents to be part of these sessions.