Year 6

In Year 6 at Northern Bay College, our students are challenged to think beyond their classroom setting and delve into their local community in ways that empower them to be global citizens. Along with the key learning areas that our students are exposed to daily, including literacy and numeracy still being at the centre of all that we do, our students are also challenged to make a difference to the lives of others through an empowering program Kids Thrive- Kids as Catalysts to Change.

Kids Thrive

The program see students coming together in groups to lead social change in a positive way with benefits for both our students and our local community. Children identify community problems and create solutions through actions that are totally student led. The program runs for half of the year and culminates in a showcase where the community and local businesses are invited along with families and peers to witness the students’ presentation of projects.

The Year 6 curriculum also provides the basis for in depth learning and incorporates further exposure to other key learning areas including Physical Education, STEM, Science and Food Technology as a key way to help prepare our students to the variability they will experience when heading into Year 7/8.