Goldsworthy building update.

Wednesday 12, May 2021

Exciting update on our Goldsworthy campus transformation.

The college has been working closely with the VSBA and our Architects on the Concept Plan for the Goldsworthy building project. This stage requires extensive work in estimating costs for the planned construction and generates a detailed cost plan that essentially outlines what can and cannot be achieved within the budget allocated. At this point of the process we are confident that the project will deliver a number of new buildings, with extensive refurbishment of at least one building wing.

This project will ensure all Northern Bay College students will receive their education in purpose-built learning facilities that reflect 21st Century design in learning and teaching spaces.

We now look forward to the next stage of our project which is the detailed design phase. This stage will invite and require input and ongoing feedback from our key stakeholders. The end result of this phase of the project is a detailed plan for our new facilities.

Along with the work in scope for the current upgrade project, the VSBA will provide an overall Master Plan that will highlight additional capital improvements for the campus, subject to future funding.

These are all exciting steps in the transformation of our Goldsworthy Campus.

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