MEA's - Multicultural Education Assistants

Northern Bay has an outstanding team of Multicultural Education Aides supporting our diverse college community. The Government has provided significant funding to ensure support in first languages in classrooms, family meetings, translations and telephone communications available.

“The EAL support team makes transition to a whole new country, schooling system, language and lifestyle so much smoother at NBC that transition is crucial to setting up their lives.The EAL Team support team not only helps those with English as an Additional Language but all students around the campus. Northern Bay is unique and pleasant to be in.The EAL support team are compassionate and genuinely interested in assisting students succeed in their studies and The EAL support team are a major part of the education system at NBC and help staff teach classes with all students' support..”

Kamran Jaan, EAL Student

This video explains the role in learning which our MEA's provide but their work covers much more.

MEA in the Classroom from Northern Bay College on Vimeo.