Inspiring Musicians, Performers & Artists to Create Together - IMPACT program

The NBC Centre of Excellence - IMPACT (Inspiring Musicians, Performers and Artists to Create Together) - was developed in 2020 and commenced with Year 9 in 2021 as an elective subject.

The Centre's Aspirations

Performing and Visual Arts prepares students to creatively and academically interact in our ever-changing world. We offer our students opportunities to explore a rich arts education with classes in music, drama, dance, media and visual arts depending on preferences of those electing IMPACT. Staff work together to implement a positive effect on student’s lives, our community and future generations to come, in an influential and artistic way. We are committed to the journey and to encourage the creativity of all through an enhanced experience and a quality Arts education.

IMPACT’s mission is to foster independent thinking in a creative and challenging world by providing a diverse curriculum for all students, extending creative and talented individuals and to offer preparation for higher education and professions in the arts. Developing pathways locally, state wide and nationally to address student dreams and fulfil potential.

The course content is based on Student Voice tailored to the artistic leanings of the cohort. However, with its big picture pathway concept, students are encouraged to explore all aspects of arts working alongside specialist coaches / mentors from a number of areas within the Arts.

Making an IMPACT


Through IMPACT, Northern Bay College will strive to inspire students to hold the arts in the highest regard, and to be actively involved in their education through creative inquiry and risk-taking. We will champion the arts as a relevant, critical, and essential part of our academic and personal lives and embrace creative ideas together.

In order to create a sense of community amongst all our students, we will foster and continue to develop the following values:

  • A passion for the arts, shared with others through working together and creative efforts;
  • A respect for diversity of thoughts and others;
  • A standard of professionalism through students’ actions;
  • A commitment to excellence in learning, teaching, research and performance;
  • An immersive curriculum that equips students to create solutions for the world we live in;
  • A commitment towards progressive evaluation and improvement of our curricular endeavours.

The Arts is about Creativity and Expression

  • We will develop individuality by exploring ideas, and by providing students with the skills to transform them into a reality for all to see, hear and experience.
  • We will make learning accessible, fun, rewarding, thought provoking and meaningful.
  • We will inspire our students to want to learn through an education which stimulates them, and they want to develop their skills beyond what they have learnt in the classroom.
  • We believe in imagination and where it can take us. We believe everyone has the potential to be creative and to link to all areas of the curriculum with an important link to literacy.
  • We believe all students can succeed, that learning is ongoing and essential to the individual, and crucial in social development and understanding.
  • We are interested in new ideas and encouraging students to look beyond themselves to explore. We are interested in diverse activities, new platforms of expression, risk-taking and promoting self-discovery.