Year 9

Our Year 9 program is a key stage of learning for students at Northern Bay College. Moving to the Goldsworthy campus, transitioning to senior secondary schooling is a key milestone achieved by our Year 9s.

Year 9 at Northern Bay College

Our Year 9 program provides the foundation for success in further study in senior school and beyond. The Year 9 Learning Community works on the development of the student as a whole, focusing especially on the building of learner agency. Agency is about having the academic and life skills, and the willingness, to make decisions and act for ourselves and others, improving our lives and communities as we do it. Our students and teachers aim to always see the ‘bigger picture’ of our learning together.

Students study five year-long core subjects in year 9: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Health & Physical Education. All of these subjects include learning about modern skills and capabilities, such as critical thinking, personal and social skills and ethical and intercultural understanding, driving our focus on the student as a whole person, not just their academic learning.

Students also choose from a wide range of electives (each running for one semester), including from the arts, health and technologies learning areas. In 2022, these include food studies, animation, visual art, recreational sports and many more.

2022 Year 9 Handbook to download