Years 3 to 6

In Years 3-6 at Northern Bay College, our students are delivered a curriculum that is not only challenging but supportive of their interests and ideas where each child’s contribution is valued and encourages maximum growth.

The focus of the Years 3-6 is continuing to provide opportunities for our students in as many different ways as possible including the regular use of technology. The curriculum continues its strong focus on literacy and numeracy and is enriched with visual arts, performing arts, LOTE- Indonesian and Physical Education. Students become true agents of their learning in Years 3-6, where Student Voice is valued and central to the planning and delivery of the curriculum.

Our learning communities are well resourced attractive spaces that enable flexible learning which support students learning needs. To support an easy and meaningful transition into the middle years, our Year 6 learning community is adjacent to the Year 7/8 learning community which helps to build confidence, bridge the progression to formative high school and allow for a smoother and more relaxed transition for our students.