Student Scholarships

Northern Bay College awards Year 7-8 Scholarships to our existing Year 6 students following an intensive interview selection process. This significant award is designed to ensure that there are no obstacles to successful continuation as a high achieving student at the College. These Scholarships are supported the NBC Challenge Board - the philanthropy arm to the college.

Successful 2022 Yr 7-8 Scholarship recipients will receive the following:

Learning Technology Enhancements: All students at NBC receive a Lenovo 300e Chromebook to support their studies at NBC. These devices are at no cost to students. To further enhance the use of these devices, scholarship recipients will be supported with a paid Wireless Internet Device (Telstra 4 GX Hotspot) and Stylus Pen. Estimated cost: $800

Parent Payment Requests: Scholarship recipients will be exempt from paying school requests for payment and Year 7 Camp. Estimated cost: $930

Uniform Voucher: A uniform voucher at the College Uniform shop and College Spray Jacket. Estimated Cost:$280

Aspirational Student Group: Scholarship recipients will be included a series of ‘Aspirational Student’ experiences throughout their Year 7 & 8 school years. These experiences will include Guest Speaker Incursions and guided tours of high-ranking Victorian universities. Students will also be supported to further their educational pursuits with excursions to Goldsworthy Campus to participate in high level learning opportunities. Estimated cost: $240

Total Cost of Student Scholarship: Up to $2250